We hear that...

Jorge Pullin pullin@phys.lsu.edu

Robert Wald has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Jens Gundlach won the Pipkin award of APS ``For identifying, and providing a solution to, an unrecognized weakness in the Cavendish technique for measuring the gravitational constant G; improving the accuracy of G by an order of magnitude, representing one of the largest incremental increases in accuracy ever obtained in the history of such measurements.''

James Faller won the Keithley award of APS ``For the development of sensitive gravitational detectors and their successful application to the study of physics and geophysics.''

Lawrence Krauss won the Lilienfeld prize of APS ``For outstanding contributions to the understanding of the early universe, and extraordinary achievement in communicating the essence of physical science to the general public.''

Juan Maldacena won the Basilis Xanthopoulos award.

Hearty congratulations!

Jorge Pullin