Well, it is ten years since Peter Saulson put together the first Matters of Gravity. A lot has happened since. The Topical Group was formed and MOG became its official newsletter. As a celebration, we decided to invite several prize-winners to give us a reflection of their fields in the last and forthcoming decades. Finally, Gary Horowitz, Carlo Rovelli (Xanthopoulos winners), Jens Gundlach (Pipkin prizewinner), our former editor Peter Saulson and TGG founder Beverly Berger accepted the challenge.

Otherwise not much to report here. If you are burning to have Matters of Gravity with you all the time, the newsletter is now available for Palm Pilots, Palm PC's and web-enabled cell phones as an Avantgo channel. Check out http://www.avantgo.com under technology$\rightarrow$science. The next newsletter is due February 1st. If everything goes well this newsletter should be available in the gr-qc Los Alamos archives ( http://xxx.lanl.gov) under number gr-qc/yymmnnn. To retrieve it send email to gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov with Subject: get yymmnnn (numbers 2-17 are also available in gr-qc). All issues are available in the WWW:
A hardcopy of the newsletter is distributed free of charge to the members of the APS Topical Group on Gravitation upon request (the default distribution form is via the web) to the secretary of the Topical Group. It is considered a lack of etiquette to ask me to mail you hard copies of the newsletter unless you have exhausted all your resources to get your copy otherwise.

If you have comments/questions/complaints about the newsletter email me. Have fun. Jorge Pullin

Jorge Pullin