TGG Elections

David Garfinkle, Oakland University
The nominating committee of the Topical Group on Gravitation has put together the following slate of candidates.

For Vice Chair: John Friedman, U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Bill Hamilton, Louisiana State U.

For Members-at-large: Ted Jacobson, U. of Maryland, Pablo Laguna, Penn State, Don Marolf, Syracuse U., Jennie Traschen, U. Mass. Amherst

The purpose of this message is to ask for any nominations from the general membership of the Topical Group on Gravitation. If any member is nominated by at least 5 percent of the membership of the topical group then that member will be added to the ballot. Please send your nominations to me at and give the name of the person you are nominating and the office (Vice Chair or Member-at-large). Nominations must be received by Feb. 15.

Jorge Pullin