We hear that...

Jorge Pullin, Editor

Stephen Hawking has received the Lilienthal prize from APS ``For boldness and creativity in gravitational physics, best illustrated by the prediction that black holes should emit black body radiation and evaporate, and for the special gift of making abstract ideas accessible and exciting to experts, generalists, and the public alike."

Luis Lehner has received the Metropolis award from APS ``For developing a method that significantly advances the capability for modeling gravitational radiation by making possible the stable numerical solution of Einstein's equation near moving black holes."

Beverly Berger was elected fellow of the APS ``For her pioneering contributions to global issues in classical general relativity, particularly the analysis of the nature of cosmological singularities, and for founding the Topical Group on Gravitation of the APS."

Joan Centrella was elected fellow of the APS `` For her original contributions to numerical relativity, cosmology, and astrophysics, in particular for her studies of large-scale structure in the universe and sources of gravitational radiation."

Ron Drever was elected fellow of the APS ``For his fundamental experiment to test the isotropy of space, and for his pioneering contributions to laser interferometry as a tool for gravitational-wave detection."

Bernie Schutz was elected fellow of the APS ``For his pioneering work in the theory of gravitational radiation, for the discovery of new instabilities in rotating, relativistic stars, and for elucidating how gravitational-wave observations can reveal astrophysical and cosmological information."

Stu Shapiro was elected fellow of the APS ``For his broad contributions to theoretical astrophysics and general relativity, including the physics of black holes, neutron stars, and large N-body dynamical systems, and his pioneering use of supercomputers to explore these areas. "

Our warmest congratulations to them all!

Jorge Pullin