Topical group news

Jim Isenberg, TGG secretary, University of Oregon

$\bullet$ Election News

The ballot for this year's election is complete, and it will very soon be going out to all members. The list of candidates is as follows:

Vice Chair: Richard Matzner, Bob Wald.

Secretary/Treasurer: David Garfinkle, Ted Jacobson.

Delegate (Slot 1) John Friedman, Jennie Traschen.

Delegate (Slot 2) Matt Choptuik, Ed Seidel.


$\bullet$ Annual Meeting

This year our annual meeting will be earlier than usual. It will be in conjunction with the APS Centennial Meeting, 20-26 March, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia. This meeting is going to be very big. There will be a lot of bicentennial stuff (exhibits, lectures, historical talks), and it should be quite nice. Please check the web site:

The activities tied in with GR and gravitation include the following

Centennial Symposium: Einstein's Legacy: Nature's Experiments in Gravitational Physics (Tuesday, 24 March)

Clifford Will: Einstein's Relativity Put to Nature's Test: A Centennial Perspective

Robert Kirshner: Was the Cosmological Constant Einstein's Greatest Mistake?

David Spergel: The Cosmic Microwave Background: A Bridge to the Early Universe

Kip Thorne: A New Window on the Universe: The Search for Gravitational Waves

Invited Session: Progress in the theory of gravitation (Thursday, 26 March)

Robert Wald: Classical general relativity

Saul Teukolsky: Numerical methods

Gary Horowitz: Quantum gravity

Invited Session: Instrumentation for Gravitational Radiation Detection ( Monday, 23 March)

David Shoemaker: Interferometric Detectors - overview

Peter Fritschel: Gravitational wave interferometer configurations

Jordan Camp: Requirements and performance of optics for gravitational wave interferometry

Eric Gustafson: Lasers for Gravitational wave interferometry

Peter Saulson: Thermal noise in gravitational wave interferometers

There will also be a number of focus sessions with invited and contributed talks (See www site), plus the Annual TGG Business Meeting, which will be on Wednesday at 5:30. PLEASE COME.

$\bullet$ Travel Support for the Annual Meeting

Last year, we decided that a useful way to spend our accumulating treasure is to support young people coming to the annual meeting. So this year, we will begin a program of small grants to help pay travel and/or lodging for the meeting in Atlanta. The people eligible for these grants are students and post docs. If you wish to apply, please send the following to Jim Isenberg (

1) A brief CV

2) A list of your publications

3) A supporting letter from a faculty member research group director

4) A tentative travel plan (including rough cost) for going to the meeting

The applications should be in by the 20th of February.

Jorge Pullin