Summer school in gravitational physics opportunity

Jim Hartle, UC Santa Barbara

In taking input for the Committee on Gravitational Physics one theme which emerged a number of times was the utility of an an occasional or regular Gravitational Physics Summer School.

Some positive arguments for such a school were:

Some of the negative comments were:

The ITP at Santa Barbara is undertaking to help ``nucleate'' summer schools. What they mean by that is that if suitable outside funding were found, they might run a school once or perhaps irregularly as a kind of demonstration project. They would do the basic local work of arranging accommodation, handling applications, etc which they are set up to do. I spoke to the current director David Gross, and he was receptive, but not of course committal. The next available slot is July 2000, and a competition between proposals will be held at the advisory board meeting February 1999.

However, the ITP does not itself have the funds to run such a school which are of order $50k. That would have to be raised from say the NSF. Rich Isaacson is supportive but not of course committal. He would entertain proposals for the necessary funding, either at the ITP or elsewhere.

What would be needed to take advantage of the opportunity at the ITP is a proposal to them say by November of this year with some understanding from an agency about funding it.

I'd be pleased to discuss this further if it is of interest.

Jorge Pullin
Mon Sep 7 17:37:02 EDT 1998