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Jim Isenberg, GTG secretary, University of Oregon

Election News

This year, as well as future years, our election for officers will take place in February. The nominating committee is currently putting together a slate. When they have done so, the slate will be e-mailed to everyone, and there will be an opportunity for everyone to comment and make recommendations. Shortly after that, the election will take place.


Below, I am including a list of the TGGrav officers last year and this year. Note that the officers change at the time of the April meeting. Abhay Ashtekar will take over as Chair. The newly elected officers will also begin their service at that time.

First Set of Officers (1996-1997)

Chair: Beverly K Berger

Chair Elect: Kip S. Thorne, Vice Chair: Abhay Ashtekar, Secretary Treasurer (1996-1999): Jim Isenberg .

Delegates (1996-1999): Frederick Raab, Leonard Parker, (1996-1998): David Shoemaker, James Bardeen, (1996-1997): Robert Wald, Lee Samuel Finn.

Nominating Committee: David Shoemaker (chair), Jorge Pullin, Peter Bender

Second Set of Officers (1997-1998)

Chair: Kip S.Thorne

Chair Elect: Abhay Ashtekar, Vice Chair: Rainier Weiss, Secretary/Treasurer (1996-1999): Jim Isenberg.

Delegates (1997-2000): Lee Samuel Finn, Mac Keiser, (1996-1999): Frederick Raab, Leonard Parker, (1996-1998): David Shoemaker, James Bardeen.

Nominating Committee: Fred Raab (chair), Jorge Pullin, Eric Poisson, Jennie Traschen

April Meeting

Elsewhere in MOG, the schedule of our sessions in the April meeting is given. Further details can be found on the webpage of our Topical Group. Please come !


There is some discussion of the possibility of setting up a prize (or even two), for work in gravitational physics. The restrictions set by the APS on such prizes are a bit rigid, but many of us think it is a good idea. We welcome suggestions and comments. Please send them to me (

Centenary Speaker List

The APS Centenary is coming up in 1999. To help celebrate, the APS is planning to set up a list of top notch speakers who will be called upon to give special colloquia and special public lectures around the country. If you wish to volunteer yourself or anyone else for inclusion on this list, please let me know.

Jorge Pullin
Sun Feb 8 20:46:09 EST 1998