This newsletter includes for the first time an editorial policy. This was formulated in consultation with the correspondents and in response to an increased number of unsolicited research papers and conference announcements. I also want to apologize for the delay in publication of this newsletter (it was due the first of the month). Some hackers created a chat room in one of our workstations, and that interfered with the production. As usual I wish to thank the contributors and correspondents for making the newsletter possible. The newsletter ended up being a bit too long for my taste, my apologies to those of you who have insisted over time that I should keep it brief. I will work harder on this in the future.

The next newsletter is due September 1st. If everything goes well this newsletter should be available in the gr-qc Los Alamos archives under number gr-qc/9802017. To retrieve it send email to gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov (or gr-qc@babbage.sissa.it in Europe) with Subject: get 9802017 (numbers 2-10 are also available in gr-qc). All issues are available in the WWW:
A hardcopy of the newsletter is distributed free of charge to some members of the APS Topical Group on Gravitation. It is considered a lack of etiquette to ask me to mail you hard copies of the newsletter unless you have exhausted all your resources to get your copy otherwise.

If you have comments/questions/complaints about the newsletter email me. Have fun.

Jorge Pullin

Jorge Pullin
Sun Feb 8 20:46:09 EST 1998