Editorial policy:

The newsletter publishes articles in three broad categories,

1. News about the topical group, normally contributed by officers of the group.

2. Research briefs, comments about new developments in research, typically by an impartial observer. These articles are normally by invitation, but suggestions for potential topics and authors are welcome by the correspondents and the editor.

3. Conference reports, organizers are welcome to contact the editor or correspondents, the reports are sometimes written by participants in the conference in consultation with organizers.

Articles are expected to be less than two pages in length in all categories.

Matters of Gravity is not a peer-reviewed journal for the publication of original research. We also do not publish full conference or meeting announcements, although we might consider publishing a brief notice with indication of a web page or other contact information.

Jorge Pullin
Sun Feb 8 20:46:09 EST 1998