We hear that...

Jorge Pullin, Penn State

Three members of our Topical Group were named Fellows of the American Physical Society. I enclose email addresses so you can flood them with congratulatory notes.

Abhay Ashtekar, ashtekar@phys.psu.edu nominated through the Topical Group on Gravitation, ``For his various contributions to classical and quantum gravitational physics, in particular the new canonical variables and the development of rigorous techniques for the quantization of gravity and other non-Abelian field theories.''

Reinaldo Gleiser, gleiser@fis.uncor.edu nominated through the Forum for International Physics ``For his role in the development of physics in Córdoba, and for his contributions to the application of exact solutions to Einstein equations and gravitational radiation theory.''

Bill Hamilton, hamilton@phgrav.phys.lsu.edu nominated through the Topical Group on Instrumentation and Measurements ``For his wpioneering work and continuing leadership in developing gravitational-wave detectors, for back-action evading measurements of mechanical squeezed states, and for the development of techniques for magnetic shielding.''

Jorge Pullin
Sun Feb 8 20:46:09 EST 1998