2007 Zone 10 Meeting at LSU
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GENERAL INFORMATION: Louisiana State University is located in Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, and in the heart of “Cajun Country”.  There are many attractions in the near vicinity of LSU including the Atchafalaya and Alligator Bayou swamps, a large number of plantation homes, the LSU Museum of Art, the Old State Capital, and the state of the art Pennington Planetarium.  LSU itself, as the state “flagship” university, is a major research and education center.  The Department of Physics & Astronomy, in particular, is extremely research active and at the same time proud of its tradition of excellent teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level.  The department has 46 full-time faculty members, of which 40 are in the tenure track professional ranks, 30 postdoctoral researchers and 83 graduate students, 16 of which are in our professional medical physics program.  Finally there approximately 100 undergraduate physics majors in 5 different concentrations.  Department researchers have access to unique research facilities: the synchrotron at the Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD), the Laser Interferometric Gravitational Observatory (LIGO) 30 miles away in Livingston, LA, the only operational gravitational wave detector in the US using resonant bar technology (ALLEGRO) and one of the fastest supercomputers in the world completely controlled by a university. External research funding in the department is approximately $6M and many of the department faculty have been distinguished with Sloan, Fulbright, Guggenheim fellowships, as well as national awards.

Further information about LSU, Baton Rouge and the surrounding area can be found at the following websites:

Visit Baton Rouge (http://www.bracvb.com/) for information about Baton Rouge area attractions and general information.

Weather (http://www.bracvb.com/about/weather/) provides general information about the Baton Rouge climate.

Louisiana State University (http://www.lsu.edu/) for general information about the university

LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy (http://www.phys.lsu.edu/) for information on our research and academic programs

LSU Society of Physics Students (http://www.phys.lsu.edu/lsusps/) provides some information about our chapter

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HOTEL INFORMATION:  One of the consequences of Hurricane Katrina is that hotel rooms in Baton Rouge can be difficult to book and are somewhat expensive.  We have, however, located a block of rooms at the La Quinta Inn Baton Rouge University Area at a reasonable price.  The contact information and room price is given below.  You should make your reservation no later than March 1, 2007 and reference SPS Zone 10 when making your reservation.

LaQuinta Inn
2333 S. Acadian Thruway
Baton Rouge, LA
Debbie Taylor, Group Sales
Singles – $80.00 + tax
Doubles - $77.00 + tax

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DIRECTIONS TO LSU:  The directions below offer the easiest routes to the campus from the interstate. We recommend that you visit the Visitor Information Center to obtain detailed campus directions, a parking permit, and parking instructions. The Visitors Information Center is located at the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive.

Note that the La Quinta Inn is located at the corner of I-10 and Acadian Thruway.  That is at #3 on the map.

From I-10:

Route 1:

Exit at Nicholson Dr./Highland Rd. (Exit 155A). Take Highland Rd. to Dalrymple Dr. (about 1.4 miles).


Route 2:

Exit at Dalrymple Dr. (Exit 156B). Both eastbound and westbound traffic will take a right onto Dalrymple Dr. from the off-ramp. Take Dalrymple Dr. to Highland Rd. (about 0.5 mile).

Route 3:

Exit at Acadian Thruway (Exit 157B). If exiting from the eastbound off-ramp you will take a right onto Acadian Thruway; if exiting from the westbound off-ramp you will take a left onto Acadian Thruway. Take Acadian Thruway (which turns into Stanford Avenue and then into LSU Avenue) to Highland Rd. Take a right onto Highland Rd. Take Highland Rd. to Dalrymple Dr. (about 1.8 miles).

Directions to LSU

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DIRECTIONS TO NICHOLSON HALL AND LSU UNION:  We highly recommend that upon reaching campus that you stop at the Visitor Center to get detailed campus maps, directions and a visitors parking permit.  There should be no fee for the visitors permit.  During normal school days, campus can be very congested and so we also highly recommend that you park in the lot near the Visitors Center and walk to Nicholson Hall.  The campus map below shows the relative location of the Visitor’s Center and Nicholson Hall.  Nicholson Hall is located across the street from the student Union building and is about a 5 minute walk from the Visitor’s Center. 

On Friday, March 9 morning we will have greeters and signage from 7:45 am to 8:45 am directing you from the Visitor’s Center to the meeting location in the LSU Union.

Zone 10 meeting location will be in the LSU Union Atchafalaya Room (#342), which is located on the 3rd floor of the building.  A floor map is available here and signage / greeters will direct you to the appropriate location.

Zone 10 meeting location will be in Room 130 Nicholson Hall for Saturday and Sunday.  To get to this meeting room you will want to enter “old” Nicholson Hall.  This is the portion of the building complex that is farthest away from the Union and closest to the main campus quadrangle.  Use the door that is on the south side of the building.  This doorway has a combination stairway and access ramp.  Once you enter the building Room 130 is on your right hand side.

The meeting bus pickup and dropoff point will be at the LSU Union on Tower Drive between the Union and Nicholson Hall.


Directions to Nicholson Hall & LSU Union
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