Information Technology
Honors Curriculum

Proposed Program Strategy
Admissions: Key off of the admissions requirements for LSU's Honors College [pdf]
  • 3.25 High School gpa
  • ACT 28 composite and 28 English
Other (suggested)
  • Proficiency in a modern programming language
Curriculum: Key off of LSU's present general education requirements [pdf]
  • English composition (six hours)
  • Analytical reasoning (six hours)
  • Arts (three hours)
  • Humanities (nine hours)
  • Natural Sciences (eight-nine hours)
  • Social Sciences (six hours)
but in place of the standard general education courses, direct IT Honors students to a selection of courses in the various disciplines that fully integrate IT ideas, methods, and challenges into the curriculum.
Internship: Each student in the IT Honors Program shall be required to spend one [summer] term in a business or industry internship position (e.g., at Thinkstream, Inc.) utilizing and further developing their IT skills.
Web Portfolio: The final project in each approved IT General Education course shall include the development of a fully web-based document that highlights the student's individual accomplishments in that course.
Each student shall complete an honor's thesis within her or his home academic department and the thesis shall be presented as a fully web-accessible document.
At the time of graduation, each student's web-based portfolio shall be given proper copyright and archived within the LSU Digital Library.
Facilities: Ideally, we would like to make available to students in the IT Honors Program an attractive and functional "central" IT-enhanced facility where they will naturally congregate and thereby share ideas and experiences.

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