How Should LSU Invest the IT Initiative Funds?
[September, 2001]

In connection with the new statewide IT initiative, LSU faculty have been asked to submit short (roughly 3-page) writeups that identify/recommend: (a) broad research areas into which new faculty ought to be hired; and (b) infrastructure (e.g., equipment, technical support staff, renovations) issues that must be addressed if we are going to be able to attract/retain top faculty in IT-intensive areas of research. Here are the suggestions that already have been made.

Recommendations pdf
Wireless and Broadband Technologies
Wireless Technologies
Microfabrication, Materials, and Device Technologies (infrastructure)
Bioengineering and Medical Science
Quantum Information Processing
Biological Computing (Transport Processes)
Security Information Technology
Energy Management for Louisiana Industries
Digital Arts
Integrating Electronic Technologies in Design
MEMS and Microfabrication
Mathematics Consultation Clinic
The Human-Computer Interface
Disaster Science and Management
Materials Science
IT Support Staff (infrastructure)
Building Louisiana's Communities
High-Performance Computing & Scalable Networks
Geographic Information Science
Applied Geophysics
Enabling and Emerging Technologies
Quantum Control
Core Computing
Bio-informatics and Biological Computing
Biological Computing
Biological Computing (infrastructure)
Symbolic Computation
Signal Processing
Strengthening the Libraries
Interface with K-12 Education
Ocean Observing Systems
Integrity and Security of Information
Medical-Veterinary-Health Geoinformatics
Information Systems and eCommerce
Water Resources
High-Aspect Ratio Microsystems (and CAE)
Nano-phase Materials
Louisiana Enterprise Center
Biological Computing for the Human Organism
Data Transmission and Analysis Challenges
Late Arrivals pdf
Gravitational Wave Phenomenology
Technology Education for Foreign Languages
Vaccine Design and Discovery
A Futurist in Mass Communication
Biological Engineering

Comments on Proposals pdf
On Geoinformatics at LSU
Realization of Economic Diversification
Don't hurry the process

Other Comments pdf
On microfabrication
Incentives for Patenting
Focus, focus, focus!
Imaging and Visualization
Electronic Publications
On Biotechnology
Several thoughts
Training system administrators