Summary of Internal Advisory Committee's Review
[October, 2001]

Four cross-cutting themes can be found in virtually every one of the following broad areas of research:

  1. Visualization and imaging.
  2. Analysis of large data sets.
  3. Software algorithm development.
  4. Need for stronger base of technical IT staff support.

Recommendations pdf
Core Computing
Submitted by: Steve Seiden
on behalf of the Department of Computer Science
High-Performance Computing & Scalable Networks
Submitted by: S.S. Iyengar & Charles Harlow
Departments of Computer Science & Electrical and Computer Engineering
on behalf of CS, ECE, and IMSE departments
Symbolic Computation
Submitted by: Neal Stolzfus, Oporowski, Cohen, Gilmer, Hoffman & van Wamelen
Department of Mathematics
Quantum Information Processing
Submitted by: Subash Kak, Ravi Rau & Ken Schafer
Depts. of Electrical & Computer Eng. and Physics & Astronomy
Quantum Control
Submitted by: Ravi Rau
Departments of Physics & Astronomy
Wireless and Broadband Technologies
Submitted by: Alan Marshak
on behalf of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wireless Technologies
Fold in with previous proposal.
Signal Processing
Submitted by: Gestur Olafsson
Department of Mathematics
Data Transmission and Analysis Challenges
Submitted by: Dimitris Nikitopoulos
Department of Mechanical Engineering
on behalf of a cast of characters from ME, several other Eng. Depts., and Chemistry
Bioengineering and Medical Science
Submitted by: George Voyiadjis
Civil and Environmental Engineering
MEMS and Microfabrication
Submitted by: Wanjun Wang
Mechanical Engineering
Enabling and Emerging Technologies
Submitted by: Pratul Ajmera & Alan Marshak
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
High-Aspect Ratio Microsystems (and CAE)
Submitted by: Michael Murphy
on behalf of cast of characters in ME, ChemE, Chemistry & CAMD
Nano-phase Materials
Submitted by: Richard Kurtz
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Materials Science
Submitted by: Bill Daly
on behalf of the Department of Chemistry
Biological Computing (Transport Processes)
Submitted by: Sumanta Acharya
Mechanical Engineering
on behalf of many others (part of BCVC project).
Biological Engineering
Submitted by: Terry Walker
Dept. of Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Biological Computing for the Human Organism
Submitted by: Li Li, Richard Magill & Amelia Lee
Department of Kinesiology
Bio-informatics and Biological Computing (CS)
Submitted by: Steve Seiden
on behalf of the Department of Computer Science
Biological Computing (Life Sciences)
Submitted by: Mark Batzer and Steven Hand
on behalf of the Department of Biological Sciences.
Vaccine Design and Discovery
Submitted by: Ron Thune
School of Veterinary Medicine
Submitted by: Roy Dokka
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
on behalf of the College of Engineering & Center for Geoinformatics.
Ocean Observing Systems
Submitted by: Greg Stone
Dept. of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
on behalf of Sheremet, Walker, Huh, Roberts (Coastal Studies Inst.), Tyler (CS) & Beyer (Computing Services)
Geographic Information Science
Submitted by: Nina Lam, Michael Leitner, Andrew Curtis, DeWitt Braud, & Anthony Lewis
Departments of Geography & Anthropology
Disaster Science and Management
Submitted by: John Pine
Department of Environmental Studies
on behalf of Russ Chapman and a large cast of characters from other disciplines.
Medical-Veterinary-Health Geoinformatics
Submitted by: Alex Thompson, Martin Hugh-Jones, Jack Malone, & Tom Klei
School of Veterinary Medicine
Water Resources
Submitted by: Books Ellwood
on behalf of the Department of Geology & Geophysics
Building Louisiana's Communities
Submitted by: Frank Bosworth & Marsha Cuddeback
School of Architecture
Digital Arts
Submitted by: Stephen Beck & Michael Daugherty
School of Music & School of Art
Integrating Electronic Technologies in Design
Submitted by: Bruce Sharky, David Cronrath & Michael Daugherty
College of Art & Design
The Human-Computer Interface (Computational Linguistics)
Submitted by: Jon Cogburn & Michael Hegarty
Departments of Philosophy and English; Program in Linguistics
Security Information Technology
Submitted by: Dan Walsh & Doreen Maxcy
Continuing Education
Submitted by: Peter Chen and Guoli Ding
Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics
Integrity and Security of Information
Submitted by: Neal Stoltzfus, Perlis, Hoffman, van Wamelen, Morales & Hurrelbrink
Department of Mathematics.
Disaster Science and Management (repeated from Geoinformatics)
Submitted by: John Pine
Department of Environmental Studies
on behalf of Russ Chapman and a large cast of characters from other disciplines.
Information Systems and eCommerce
Submitted by: Tom Clark and Bill Williams
on behalf of the E.J. Ourso College of Business Administration
Louisiana Enterprise Center
Submitted by: Evangelos Triantaphyllou
on behalf of IMSE, CS, ECE and Office of Computing Services
Energy Management for Louisiana Industries
Submitted by: Carl Knopf, Sumanta Acharya & David Dismukes
Chemical Eng. & Mechanical Engineering
Applied Geophysics
Submitted by: Jeff Nunn
Department of Geology & Geophysics
Gravitational Wave Phenomenology
Submitted by: Jorge Pullin
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Microfabrication, Materials, and Device Technologies (infrastructure)
Submitted by: Pratul Ajmera, Josef Hormes, & Alan Marshak
Biological Computing (infrastructure)
Submitted by: Mark Batzer and Steven Hand
on behalf of the Department of Biological Sciences
Centralized Materials Analysis Facility (infrastructure)
Submitted by: Rich Kurtz
on behalf of the Materials Science and Engineering Task Force
IT Support Staff (infrastructure)
Submitted by: Bill Daly
on behalf of the entire campus
Mathematics Consultation Clinic
Submitted by: Peter Wolenski
Department of Mathematics
Multimedia Training Center
Submitted by: Melissa Bahlinger & Saundra McGuire
Center for Academic Success
Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Submitted by: Joe Hutchinson
on behalf of the Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Strengthening the Libraries
Submitted by: Faye Phillips
on behalf of the LSU Libraries
Interface with K-12 Education
Submitted by: Frank Cartledge, Barbara Fuhrmann & Frank Neubrander
College of Basic Sciences, College of Education, & Dept. of Mathematics
Technology Education for Foreign Languages
Submitted by: Sara Burns
Department of Foreign Languages
A Futurist in Mass Communication
Submitted by: Jack Hamilton
on behalf of the Manship School of Mass Communications