LSU Center
for Applied Information Technology and Learning
Initial Interactions with
LSU CAPITAL's External Advisory Panel



In preparation for our initial interactions with LSU CAPITAL's external advisory panel, the following events transpired:
  • LSU faculty were encouraged to submit suggestions regarding how LSU CAPITAL's funds might most wisely be invested. See the accompanying e-mail text that was broadcast to the faculty in September, 2001.

  • The accompanying web page lists all of the suggestions that were received in response to this request. Over 45 "proposals" were received.

  • As is explained in the accompanying e-mail message that was broadcast to the entire faculty in early October, 2001, an internal advisory committee composed of faculty from a variety of disciplines across the campus was assembled to read through and analyze the content of these "proposals."

  • Based on the recommendations of this faculty committee, the various suggestions were grouped into broad, topical categories, reflecting overlap and similarties among the ideas that had been submitted. The accompanying web page shows this catagorization.

  • For each of the 12 identified broad research categories (from "core computing" to "other"), one faculty member was asked to prepare a 15-minute presentation for the external advisory panel that outlined, in very broad terms, why it would make sense to invest in the identified area through the IT initiative. A one-page, executive summary of each broad area also was produced.

  • (Note that faculty "proposals" that focused primarily on instructional or infrastructure needs, as categorized on the accompanying web page were not incorporated into the talks that were presented to the external advisory panel because the focus, at this time, was on areas of research. We will be examining specific infrastructure and instructional needs later this academic year; some will be taken care of automatically in the context of identified IT research priorities.)

  • The executive summaries were sent to members of the external advisory panel prior to their visit to LSU, but the panel was not asked to read the individual proposals that had been submitted by faculty from across the campus. The panel members also were sent information regarding the scope and objectives of the IT initiative, as viewed by the Governor's office and the state's Department of Economic Development.

  • The external advisory panel spent one and a half days on the LSU campus (18-19 November 2001). The sequence of 15-minute talks (described above) was presented to the panel on Monday morning, 19 November, by the individuals identified on the accompanying agenda. The panel also had opportunities to interact with representatives from the state's Department of Economic Development, and the members of LSU CAPITAL's executive committee.

  • At the conclusion of the panel's visit to the campus, we received from the panel a list of specific recommendations. A draft of these initial recommendations is provided on the accompanying web page.


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