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Spinning Liquid Drops:

1992 STS-50
Drop Dynamics Experiment

R. E. Apfel, Yale University
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Atomic Nuclei:

The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission
Bohr and Wheeler
(1939, Phys. Rev., 56, 426)

"[This] new type of nuclear reaction thus discovered was given the name 'fission' by Meitner and Frisch (1939, Nature, 143, 239) who on the basis of the liquid drop model of nuclei emphasized the analogy of the process concerned with the division of a fluid sphere into two smaller droplets as the result of a deformation caused by an external disturbance."

Binary Star Formation:

J. H. Jeans
(1903, Phil. Trans. Royal Society, vol. 200)

"I have not attempted to give any discussion of results from the point of view of dynamical astronomy. The complications introduced by the heterogeneity and compressibility of natural substances, as well as by the difference between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional problems, are so great that any discussion with reference to the actual conditions of astronomy would be impossible in the present paper."

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