Astrophysical Sources
Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors

General Comments

Selecting your Problem
Zeroth order, observed frequency f determined by
  • [Gr]1/2
    (i.e., M1/2R-3/2)
then luminosity determined by
  • efficiency factor (e.g., distortion e)
  • and event duration,
  • which are very likely to be interconnected.
So when f drops into the frequency bandwidth of LIGO and/or predicted luminosities brighten, we should be careful to explicitly state in these simple terms, "What changed, and why?"
If you're looking for a more quantitative statement about exact power spectrum template, don't believe anything until general relativistic treatments have been perfected.
However ... rather than plotting power spectra, we should start characterizing it in terms of relatively small set of parameters AND expected quantitative bounds on parameter values. [Prince]
Should we believe in these SN-produced "bars"?
What about this "backward chirp" source suggested by D. Lai?
Nonlinear development of r-mode

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