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Curriculum Vitae
Luis Lehner


1998 - Ph.D. (Physics) University of Pittsburgh 1993 - B.S./M.S. National University of Cordoba Professional Experience:


Selected Publications:

  1. M. Tiglio, L. Lehner, and D. Neilsen, (2004). submitted
    (LANL preprint: gr-qc/0312001) " 3D Simulations of Einstein's Equations: Symmetric Hyperbolicity, Live Guages and Dynamic Control of the Constraints. "

  2. F. Pretorius and L. Lehner, (2004). to appear in J. Comp. Phys.
    (LANL preprint: gr-qc/0302003) " Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Characteristic Codes "

  3. O. Sarbach and L. Lehner (2004). to appear in Phys Rev. D - Rapid Communications
    (LANL preprint: hep-th/0308116) " No Naked Singularities in Homogeneous, Spherically Symmetric Bubble Spacetimes?"

  4. G. Calabrese, L. Lehner, D. Neilsen, J. Pullin, O. Reula and O. Sarbach, (2003). Class. Quantum Grav., 20, L245 " Novel Finite-Differencing Techniques for Numerical Relativity: Application to Black Hole Excision "

  5. M. Choptuik, L. Lehner, I. Olabarrieta, R. Petryk, F. Pretorius, and H. Villegas (2003). Phys. Rev. D 68, 044001 " Towards the Final Fate of an Unstable Black String. "

  6. G. Calabrese, L. Lehner and M. Tiglio (2002). Phys. Rev. D 65, 104031 " Constraint-Preserving Boundary Conditions in Numerical Relativity "

  7. L. Lehner (2001). (Invited Topical Review) Class. Quantum Grav., 18, R25 " Numerical Relativity: A Review "

  8. S. Brandt et al. (2000). Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 5496 " Grazing Collisions of Black Holes via the Excision of Singularities. "

  9. N. Bishop, R. Gomez, L. Lehner, M. Maharaj, and J. Winicour (1999). Phys. Rev. D 60, 204005 " The Incorporation of Matter into Characteristic Numerical Relativity. "

  10. L. Lehner (1999). J. Comp. Phys. 149, N1, 59 " On a Dissipative Algorithm for Wave-Like Equations in the Characteristic Formulation. "