Louisiana State University

Physics 7895, Graduate Student Seminar, Spring 2008

Instructor: Jorge Pullin, 241C Nicholson pullin_at_lsu.edu

Class: M 5-6pm, make up classes will be Th 5-6pm, 262 Nicholson.

The graduate student seminar will take this semester a somewhat different format than in the past. Unofficially titled "How to get a job in physics" it will convey information about the job market for physicists (and to a certain extent astronomers). It will review the various possibilities in academia, industry, national labs, and to the extent possible, opportunities abroad. It will also cover resume preparation, talk presentation and other issues related to the job market. Lectures will typically be a presentation by the instructor of about 30 minutes followed by discussion.

If you already took 7895 in its previous versions, you are welcome to audit the class, though you cannot take it for credit. Let me know so I add you to the course's email list.