The Structure, Stability, and Dynamics
of Self-Gravitating Systems

Fall Semester, 1997
Project #1

Andrew Brunner

Dominant Transport Processes in Stars

Assignment (by J.E. Tohline):

In the current version of this HyperText_Book, I have paid a great deal of attention to the set of equations that govern the equilibrium structure of self-gravitating systems as viewed on a dynamical time scale. Virtually nothing has been said about the need for stars to acquire and maintain a thermodynamical equilibrium in the presence of definite energy losses at their surface. You should present a clear discussion of how energy transport processes are handled in modern models of spherically symmetric stars. In particular, you should derive:

Discuss under what circumstances convection dominates over radiation transport processes.

The presentation should be in an HTML format and, where possible, a connection should be drawn with the principal governing equations that already have been presented in the book.

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